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How do you learn to accept yourself the way you are?
For as long as I can remember (since puberty, starting at age 8), I’ve been critical of the way I’ve looked. I never thought I was pretty, and I always thought I was fat. I know many people grow up with a negative self-image, and I try to love myself for who I am. It seems so disingenuous.
I’m working on my body. I can’t be perfect but I can lose weight. But time marches on. At 40, I thankfully don’t have any wrinkles, but the bags and dark circles under my eyes will forever plague my self-image. There’s only so much I can do, due to various health issues. I wear makeup sometimes, but it’s not a priority. But my eyes used to be one of my assets. Now I have so much to cover up.
I know there will be more and more imperfections as I get older. I have to accept the things I can’t change.

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  1. Sweet face, you were & are beautiful. We all have self esteem issues. I’ve had them for years. Never pretty enough, too fat at different stages in my life. Try 7 pregnancies & what that does to one’s body & talk about depressing, uugh. Always picking the wrong mate & on & on. Blaming myself for their unhappiness just because it must be so. Taking care of everyone but myself. Sometimes I wonder where my head was/is at. Of course, all that is soon changing. You’re noticing things that no one else does. Your eyes are beautiful & so are your lips. I’m could only wish to have them! Oh, I forgot to mention that somehow you got the cute little nose & ears. Haven’t figured that one out yet, lol. Also, your heart shape face. I posted a pic of Uncle Dean when he was young & it hit me that I got my square jawline from him. Only took me almost 68 yrs to notice. Hang in there & keep thinking positive thoughts. I love you, Mom

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