Time travel

Sometimes I go back to a specific point in time where I could change a certain behavior or something I said. I imagine this being a pivotal moment where the path of my life forked, and wouldn’t my life look different if I had only done or said something else? Sometimes I go back to my childhood and imagine I had the foresight to look at things with today’s wisdom, and if only I had known what I know now, I would be so much more successful, happier, better off.

Then I abruptly come back to the present as if waking from a dream, and I’m sad that I’m now 45 and can’t live that life I deserved to live. I had to endure all those regrets, bad choices, unfortunate circumstances. If only I had truly appreciated my childhood, my youth, and made better choices, had a better outlook, I could have really done something with my life. I could have been in a much better place. I could have avoided so much pain.

One comment

  1. Nope, nope and nope. We always have to work with what is before us in the moment. No regrets. There is nothing worse than being told you have great potential and then forever regretting this or that. Stuff and nonsense. What is always important is . . .onward from today! And . . .I am not sure that any of us deserve anything . . .any more that anyone in the whole world does and that puts usall back into an equal playing field anyway. Be happy with the moment . . .that’s really all we ever have.

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