A definitive list of the advantages natural medicine has over traditional medicine

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about natural medicine versus traditional medicine. I did my homework and decided to compile a list of reasons why natural medicine is better. So here it is, the definitive list:


Get real. 

Cuando pienso en ti

Cuando pienso en ti
recuerdo los ojos,
oscuros como la noche,
enojados como el fuego,
cerrados como el corazón.

Cuando pienso en ti
recuerdo los brazos,
fuertes como el invierno,
calientes como el verano,
tentadores como la primavera.

Cuando pienso en ti
recuerdo la boca,
apretada como el sueño,
recta como la paz,
llena como la playa.

Cuando pienso en ti
recuerdo los pies,
reposados como el diluvio,
vestidos como la enfermedad,
andantes como la muerte.

One Thing We Have in Common

I left for work this morning, late as usual. I got five minutes down the road and realized I was out of wiper fluid. “Oh well,” I thought, “I’m sure I can make it work.” 

A few miles along the tollway, though, I realized it could get dangerous if I didn’t stop to buy more wiper fluid. All the gunk in the road from recent snows was getting kicked up on my windshield, not enough water in it to clear the view. 

I was just a mile from the oasis! I got into the right lane and made it to the gas station. As I got out of my car, I saw a man filling up the wiper fluid in his car. Inside, people were lining up to by wiper fluid. I bought a container, and as I walked to my car, I saw a woman filling up the wiper fluid in her car. We all smiled at each other, knowing we’re in the same boat. This is Chicago in the winter.